Oh darling, let's go be adventurers.  Hell, let's go now.  No, like right now. - HAR

It's a Wanderful World
"A whimsical wonder makes for a good wander."  - Heather Arcadia Roberts 

Leave the planning to us!

I travel a lot to find myself, I wander the unknown trail,
Yet I am never really lost or far from home,
Home is where the heart is. My heart flies free,
My home is every where. Even where I cannot be.  ~HAR

Dear Whimsical Wonderers and Fellow Wanderers,

Welcome to Its a Wanderful World where you can find tips for trips and everything in between.
I created this website to simply share ideas, research, and stories among the traveling community. I am currently doing research on where to go and what to do when backingpacking Around The World and would love your suggestions and feedback on things I would, could, or should add to my lists before they become "woulda, coulda, shouldas..." 

It's a Wanderful World out there, so get to it, and I hope to see you on that happy trail...  

                                                                                        ...keeping in mind, that that happy trail is a journey, not a destination. 

Looking forward to wandering into you one day,  

Heather Arcadia Roberts

Email me at: Heather@itsawanderfulworld.com                                      Find me on Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/Heather.Arcadia
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